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Strawberry Publications offers self-publishing services to authors who are seeking to self-publish but do not want to do it on their own. Yet, they aren't seeking a publishing house either. That is were Strawberry Publications' come in. We help make the load of self-publishing a little easier. Authors keep 100% of their Rights & Royalty. We help with publishing, marketing, marketing plans, email marketing, social media coaching, and more. 

Basic Publishing Package

Strawberry’s Basic Publishing offers a full-color cover for paperback and eBook with a sell sheet and press release, and more.

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Budding Publishing Package

Strawberry’s Budding Publishing Package offers an even more in-depth service to publishing with the addition of sponsored giveaways, marketing plan, and more.


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Ripened Publishing Package

Our Ripened Publishing Package offers a professional service with video book trailer, yearlong marketing plan, media kit, pre-launch campaign, and more.

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Ultimate Strawberry Patch

Get everything Strawberry has to offer with this super great package. It includes an Author Video Biography, Coaching sessions, and more.



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Do you have a manuscript sitting around?


Ever thought about becoming a published author?


With the publishing industry being saturated with so many new authors, one must be able to stand out. One of the ways to stand out is to be unique, creative, and give the readers something worth reading. It is easier now more than ever to publish a book live with the Amazon KDP program, but without a team and people behind you who know the industry, your book could miss a very important mark…sales.


So many authors publish their book and months later struggle with sales. This is done because a marketing plan for the particular project was not in place. There are times a marketing plan is set in place, but it is not followed. Then there are the other times when the marketing plan is followed it just wasn’t the right plan for the book project. That’s where we come in to help. We at Strawberry Publications, LLC help build a marketing plan catered to your book project.

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