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Journaling to manage stress



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This journal was created for healing, encouragement, manifestation, and reflection. For those of you who go through life without expressing your true feelings and thoughts, whether happy or sad, this journal is for you. With day-to-day journaling, you can put in perspective what you are feeling and begin to heal yourself, and show gratitude for the small things.


This journal is creative. I love the emojis and gratitude section. This is really great for teenagers.


I like this journal. It's different from some of the others I have used.


I am ordering these journals for my family and friends. It's such a great asset to my journal collections.


This journal is you if...

  • You are looking for a way to manage your stress

  • You are needing to understand your feelings

  • You love writing prayers and showing gratitude

  • You love journaling and writing out your thoughts

Benefits of this journal

  • You will be able to understand your feelings

  • You realize all the things to be grateful for

  • You be able to manage stress by understanding your why

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This journal is interactive and I love that. I look forward to writing in it.


Multi-Award-Winning Author, LaQueisha Malone was born and raised in Arkansas, where she currently resides with her family. She has worked as a Psychiatric Aide at a children’s Habilitation Center for 9 years and worked as the Education Administrative Assistant at the same Habilitation Center for another 5 years. Writing has always been a part of her life. That’s why it comes as no surprise she’s created this journal to help people understand their feelings and emotions.

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